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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is provided for individuals who have trouble with various aspects of spoken communication, including but not limited to verbal articulation, stuttering, aphasia, receptive disorders, cleft lip and degenerative diseases. Our speech therapists are eager to help our patients become better understood with every therapeutic session. With their help, our patients have exciting success stories which they can (proudly) tell you themselves. For some of these success stories, click here.

of children have noticeable speech disorders by the first grade
$ 1000
amount RRC charges for speech therapy
people acquire aphasia (a loss of the ability to use or understand language) each year.
more boys have stuttering issues over girls

You have a voice.
We help you use it.

“I had a client come in for evaluation who was significantly behind on speech sounds. Specifically, he was a 5 year old with 2 year 3 month speech sound errors. This child worked very hard in the 3 months I saw him—he did his homework that was sent home, and his parents were very supportive in helping client improve. This client walked in and out in 3 months. This is so reassuring to me on so many levels because this shows motivation of the client, support at home, and the determination to do well and meet our goals!” — Maghan Otey, Speech Language Pathologist

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