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Physical Therapy

From pediatrics to geriatrics, we help get the body moving. Working with the natural mechanisms of one’s body, physical therapy helps improve or restore function and mobility. We address a wide variety of conditions ranging from injuries, neurological disorders, developmental delays, degenerative diseases, orthopedic problems to pain.

of Americans over 18 develop a musculoskeletal injury that lasts longer than 3 months.
amount RRC charges for physical therapy
h 1 0
RRC offers aquatic therapy
$ 1000
average associated healthcare costs of those who had an MRi or other treatments before physical therapy

We work to limit limitations.

Patsy West was in high school when the RRC opened, and says she “remembers the publicity and being so impressed with their services, but I never thought I would actually need them. But later in life, I was diagnosed with arthritis and my doctor prescribed me aquatic therapy.” Patsy says she called and was admitted for an evaluation, where the therapist met with her, observed her movements and limitations, and helped Patsy begin getting acquainted with aquatic therapy. Patsy can’t help but express exuberant enthusiasm about her physical therapy and the RRC. My doctor has said don’t ever stop going.” Regarding RRC, she says that her therapist, Hannah, is exceptional and that the organization is amazing. “I just couldn’t say enough good things about them,” Pasty says. “They have really been a life saver for me.”

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