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All children with dyslexia can read—up to a point. However, auditory processing problems prevent them from hearing all the individual sounds in a word, therefore, they do not read by sounding out. People with dyslexia can significantly improve their reading and spelling skills if they are taught differently. We offer that teaching via the compassionate and competent Dyslexia therapists here at the RRC. 

of children are affected by some level of dyslexia
$ 1000
amount RRC charges for services
10 mill
american adults are dyslexic. However, only two million know it.
There is no time or appointment limit to dyslexia therapy at rrc

Our goal is to put things in order.

“One young man started dyslexia therapy with me (Penny Grose) when I came to RRC in June of 2017. He had struggled with reading since starting school and was just about ready to give up. When we began work he was very hesitant and apprehensive about reading anything. Once we began work, I was able to explain the hows and whys of certain letter combinations and sounds. Things began to make more sense to him. He began applying syllabication patterns, spelling rules and coding words. While reading is still difficult, he has the tools he needs to ‘attack’ words and read with more assurance and fluency. He is now reading chapter books and gaining confidence in his ability each day.”—Penny Grose, Dylsexia Therapist

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