Celebration of Hope

This year our annual Celebration of Hope telethon will be on November 14th from 1pm - 3pm. It will be broadcasted on WTVA - ABC. Watch stories from families who have benefited from RRC, people who have had an impact on the center, and much more.

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Celebration of Hope


Sunday, November 14th we will have our annual Celebration of Hope Telethon on WTVA-ABC. Join us in watching the impact Regional Rehab Center has had on clients and their  families.

When it comes to pushing the envelope, we at the RRC firmly believe in pressing through and pressing forward. We have seen our patients defy the odds with both effort and outcomes. The choice to start therapy is the choice to believe that change is possible. We have built a model that requires nothing more than effort and commitment from our patients, we do not charge for therapy; have no sliding scale fee, or socio-economic requirement. By visiting us, our patients are choosing to make the turn from need to reality. 

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RRC success story

Hard work pays off.

Greg is an Army veteran and a Tupelo native since 1996. In April of 2018, he had a massive stroke that was devastating to his life. He was completely reliant on his parents and other family members.

When Greg started therapy at RRC only seven months ago, he was bound to a wheelchair and had limited mobility. For the first month in physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT), all he had his therapist work on was the simple task of tapping his left foot. As he continued, he worked on regaining the functions of his daily life in OT. Karri his PT, and Gretchen, his OT work very diligently with Greg every week.

His progress has been so remarkable and a testament to his hard work and the work of his therapists. In March of this year, he was able to move out of his parent’s house and live completely independent. Greg loves taking long walks, cooking, and watching sports! His goal is to live life like he used to and with RRC’s help, he will get so much closer to his goal.